Technology for candles – Herrhammer Newsletter 01- 2020



Candles with wooden wicks are gaining popularity, as a result manufacturing will have to improve.
To manufacture growing quantities in an efficient way, higher automization grades in form of wick inserting is being requested more and more. This is no easy task, since wicks made of wood are available in all kinds of dimensions, grades and qualities. Nevertheless we found an approach and will develop a prototype until the end of the current „Virus-Situation“. This machine will place the wick in the holder, put glue on the holder and insert the assembly into the container.

Your Advantages:

  • Increased effectivity
  • Automized Process
  • Reduction of monotonous work


spare parts and maintenance
Depending on country and area many companies had to close or at least slow down production. Of course this is a painful impact which nobody could see coming. 
Nevertheless you should think about using this time caused by this exceptional situation to maintain and take care of your machines (if possible). 
There will be a „time after“, which we all should be prepared for.
We can supply spares and assist via phone or our remote maintenance connection. 

Your Advantages

  • Utilize „slow time“
  • Parts are currently available
  • Be ready when business picks up again



monitoring overall equipment effectiveness
The overall equipment effectiveness is the indicator of  your line´s value creation.  It shows easily at a glance productivity as well as losses. 
Following three factors matter: 
– Availability factor
– Performance factor
Quality factor
This number shows clearly your success, which is why Herrhammer develops an APP to monitor this number at all times, accessible from anywhere by a simple device like smart phone, tablet or computer.
This allows easy identification of growth potential and gets the most out of your machines. 

Your Advantages

  • Most added value
  • All important numbers at a glance
  • Profit maximising


herrhammer communication

The travel-limitations still affect us as well. To discuss projects or more general topics we always try to have a personal meeting. Unfortunately this is currently not possible which is why we try to use other communication channels.

No matter if Messengers, Video,- or simple phone conference, all alternative tools for efficient information exchange are welcome.

By the time we can travel again we are happy to arrange an „online-meeting“ in the meantime. In future we will of course visit you or welcome you at our premises personally.

Until then we all try to make the best of the situation and are looking forward to hearing from you.
The whole Herrhammer Team wishes all the best. Stay safe and healthy.

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