Herrhammer Newsletter 01 / 2023




Alfred Herrhammer founded his company as a repair shop for machine tools. After being approached by a local candle maker to repair a machine damaged during World War II, Mr. Herrhammer offered to build a new machine. The customer liked the idea, so he developed his first “candle machine”. This machine milled the head on a candle. Its easy operation, simple format change as well as output, fast became known in the industry. Customers asked for machines to fulfil other candle making tasks, soon a machine program was developed. Continuing demand of Herrhammer machines, required constant expansion throughout the years made Herrhammer a worldwide player in the candle industry.


We are grateful to be able to celebrate this great anniversary and thank all our highly valued customers and business partners.


Your Advantages:

  • Decades of know-how
  • Experience for all kinds of candles
  • Strong partner in the industry    


Our latest development in container wicking, is our continuous wick inserter.
It processes 8.000 single wick containers per hour and runs absolutely smoothly.
Different to any other inserter, it works without the noises and disadvantages of a conventional, start and stop / cycling machine. The machine crimps the sustainer to the wick, cuts the wick, applies glue and inserts it into almost any container.
No matter if glass, plastic or any other sort of container, almost any one-wick container can be processed. See the machine at our plant for a live demonstration, you won’t believe how nice it runs.

Your Advantages

  • Output increase
  • Noise reduction
  • Wear reduction



Constantly changing raw materials as well as new applications required a new scraper chiller generation.
The goal was to achieve following improvements:

• Flexibility in terms of material types and percentage
• Yield of Slurry
• Output

The result was a completely new scraper design with integrated water temperature regulation.
This and a new orientation allow a comparable small footprint. Multiple water circuits guarantee precise process control. On top this unit is set-up to add liquid fragrance and/or colour dosing. The output varies and is scalable, it can be between 1.000 and 1.800 kg/h.

We keep a testing unit at our facility and offer trials with customer material. You are welcome to try.


Your Advantages

  • Flexible in choice of material
  • Higher output
  • Influence of material characteristics



This exceptional filler can fill liquid as well as slurry material. It provides higher filling speed and at the same time more accuracy than conventional gravity and piston style fillers.
The design was made also considering waste reduction and fast cleaning capabilities. As a result, we achieved a waste reduction of up to 95%.
No matter if decorative candles, filled moulds or grave lights, it makes the best filler for all container filling requirements. The patent of this great technology is pending.

Your Advantages

  • More output
  • Less waste
  • Faster changeover

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