A fortunate coincidence…

Originally Alfred Herrhammer had worked as an engineer at the turbine builder Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG in Dessau but in 1948 he returned home to Winterhausen. There, he repaired household appliances and machine tools of any kind.

In a time of pioneering spirit, it was a fortunate coincidence that in 1950 Alfred Herrhammer got an order from the Wuerzburg company Wachs Schenk to repair a machine for candle production which had been damaged by a fire during the war.

This was the beginning of a success story! Instead of repairing the machine, Alfred Herrhammer developed a new semi-automatic candle milling machine. On 10th October 1950 the first Herrhammer candle machine was delivered. Over the years, Herrhammer has developed step by step more and more customer-specific machines for candle production – significantly forced by his son Peter Herrhammer after his joining the company in 1972. Today, the family business is run by the third generation. As a training company it also trains mechtronics technicians and technical product designers to cover the demand of the company. Meanwhile the company is market leader in automated candle production and the world‘s largest provider in the field of candle production machines.

The company Herrhammer GmbH Spezialmaschinen stands for customized solutions from a single source – from the customer‘s demand, first ideas of development until the construction of the single machines and implementation of complete production processes.

In keeping with the family tradition and also with regard to sustainability, Herrhammer, however, offers much more:

Thanks to a comprehensive archive containing construction plans and the know-how and experience of long-time employees it is today still possible to maintain or repair every machine and facility which had ever been constructed by Herrhammer GmbH Spezialmaschinen and even replacement parts can be delivered worldwide.


Cross-generational in every respect!

History of Kürschner


1921 – Walter Kürschner establishes the machine factory Kürschner und Söhne in Helmond, Netherlands.

1930 – The first machine for candle production is manufactured.

1947 – Walter Kürschner and his son Hans relocate the company headquarters to Kaldenkirchen.

1951 – The company moves into the new buildings in the Poststraße.

1954 – Kürschner establishes the company WEDO Westdeutsche Dochtfabrik, which is completely equipped with Kürschner braiding machines. (After 1987, Hans Kürschner is no longer Managing Director and owner of WEDO.)

1965 – Kürschner further expands its market leading position. The first large rotary molding machines are delivered.

1966/67 – Milling machines, dipping machines and lacquering machines are manufactured. 1970 – The production program is expanded by mechanical and hydraulic presses and candle drawing machines and later by candle strand presses. Machines are already exported to 120 countries.

1971 – Due to the great demand for Kürschner machines, a large up-to-date production hall is built. Kürschner enjoys a new boom thanks to the demand for paraffin powder extruder presses for large pillar candles and candle molding machines.

1973 – Werner Gross is appointed Managing Director.

1974 – Hans Kürschner arranges his company‘s succession: Elmar Terstappen is the new company owner.

1976 – The subsidiary NIKO is established which builds special stainless steel machines for the food industry. This subsidiary is characterized by growth and good profit which not least supported the expansion of the production capabilities of both companies. Already in the 1970s, new ideas and solutions for higher performance are transferred from the beverage and canning industry to the Kürschner candle machines.

1993 – The eleven-thousandth candle machine is manufactured.

2003 – Stephan Zeller is appointed Managing Director. In June, the company moves into the new administration buildings and new production halls in the Venloer Straße.

2005 – Kürschner is taken over by Herrhammer. The sales departments of both companies are merged and restructured in order to further improve customer service. Arie Munne is appointed Managing Director.

2012 – The company location moves from Kaldenkirchen to Dülken. Here, the main focus is on customer service. Management is taken over by the company owner, Peter Herrhammer.