Tealights & Cemetery Candles

Tealights – also called Rechaud lights – can be found in almost every household. The first tealights were produced in the Netherlands under the name “Waxinelichtje“. As they were used in teapot warmers to keep the tea warm, they were called “tealight“. Tealights have usually a diameter of about 38 mm and a height of approx. 17 mm. For their production you need wax, aluminum cups, wicks, wick waxes, wick plates and, if required, fragrance oil. They have a burn time of about 4 hours.
Herrhammer machines are able to produce 150.000 tealights per hour and, of course, even small production is possible.
In the field of cemetery candles, Herrhammer covers all common processes and technologies. Especially slurry filling has been in particular high demand in recent years. For this, scalable machines for almost all capacities are available.