Tealights & cemetery candles

You can find tealights, also called Rechaud candles, in nearly every household. The first tealights were produced in the Netherlands under the name “Waxinelichtje”. Since they are used to keep freshly brewed tea warm under a pot in a “warming stand” they also received their name “tealight”. The addition of fragrance and color heralded in a new hype.

Tealights usually have a diameter of approximately 38 mm and a height of approximately 17 mm. For the production you require wax, shells, wicks, wick wax, wick sustainer plates and, as required, fragrance oils and color. The burning time amounts to approximately four hours.
With Herrhammer machines the production of 150,000 tealights per hour is possible – and obviously small-scale productions as well.

At the beginning they were pressed, whereby today nearly everything is filled. Different shell materials and formats as well as countless color-fragrance combinations represent new challenges for the plants. They must be easy to convert, easy to clean and consume as little cleaning material as possible. At the same time they have to be highly productive.

In the field of cemetery candles, Herrhammer covers all standard processes and technologies. Pressing, wicking and inserting into the shell. However, slurry filling has been in great demand in recent years. Scalable plants in all conceivable capacities and designs can be provided here.