Stamp Pressing

Hydraulic stamp presses

In the HPA and PA series, Herrhammer has a range of presses available for manufacturing candles as pillar candles, votives, balls, ovals, floating candles, cemetery candles, and other special types. The presses convince by high productivity and flexibility. The touchscreen control and the electronic storage of the candle parameters supports quick-change production. A two-part powder-feeding system ensures the exact dosing of paraffin pressed into each mold, provides a high repeat precision, and reduces manufacturing costs. The tools are protected against collisions in cases of erroneous operation. Herrhammer delivers these presses with up to twelve stamps, also for candle diameters of 40 mm to 200 mm with up to four wicks.

Selection of options:

  • Quick changeover systems for pressing tools
  • Wick length monitors for quality control
  • Production data acquisition
Stempelpresse PA-825
Stamp press PA-825
Touch Screen Bedienung
Touch screen operation