Household candles, taper candles, birthday candles

Household candles in different colors and sizes are suitable for daily use. Especially in the gastronomy they are indispensable. Thanks to their form and the different base forms they fit into standard candleholders. Taper candles are an “evergreen” and versatile. Both for festive occasions, such as, for example, baptisms, anniversaries or weddings and for table decorations at home.

Depending on the wax, dimensions or quantity there are multiple technologies for manufacturing household candles or taper candles. Whether dipping, pressing, molding or drawing – our repertoire includes the manufacturing process as well as all other upstream and downstream processes. Forms such as helical birthday candles, taper candles with crown base, cylindrical or conical, immersed or molded in color are “standard tasks” for us and have already been realized successfully by our experienced team.

Apart from the actual manufacturing and product finish, packaging plays a large role. The most diverse labels and packagings are required depending on the end customer and region. Single label, small quantity in package or large quantities shrink-wrapped in trays. The possibilities are endless and each one has its own challenges.

We have a solution and even more importantly the experience for every design. Simply contact us.