Fragranced candles / glass candles

A candle in a glass is a popular decorative item – both outdoors and indoors – irrespective of the season. Glowing glasses are eye-catchers, wide light beams are even safer than candles standing freely. Glass form, wax color, overprints, lids, etc. provide sheer endless design ideas. A very wide range of forms, types and materials, such as metal, plastic or ceramics, are suitable as glasses for filling in your production line. Furthermore, most candles in the glass are perfumed with scents and thus create a unique atmosphere. 

Both liquid and pasty materials are used as the source material. To only name a few we use raw materials such as paraffin wax, soy or palm wax. The Herrhammer plants are flexible and have a extremely high filling accuracy. Consisting of modularly scalable elements, they can be individually configured with regard to different requirements for product, production quantities as well as the desired degree of automation. All requirements are fulfilled – from simple hand filler to fully-automated filling machine.

Entry-level solutions which can be expanded later with regard to quantities and tasks can be supplied. This way, wicking could be automated as a first step, while filling is still done by hand and a filling line is added later on. Allowing each step to be modularly extended – from material processing to packaging of the finished product.