Processing – wax processing

Depending on the raw material, processing chain, availability and environmental influences, waxes or candle raw materials have to be processed. In the process, materials such as paraffin wax, fats, oils, stearic acids or waxes such as soy wax, palm wax and coconut wax are processed accordingly.

Here we distinguish between wax melting, wax pulverizing, wax granulating to obtain pasty or so called slurry material.

Not only the form and appearance can be changed by adding additives but also the actual material properties. For example, plate material can be melted simply, a powder for pressing produced by spraying, or color can be simply mixed into liquid wax.

Each type of preparation has its own pitfalls which vary strongly depending on the respective environmental influences. Therefore our wax processing facilities, such as the powder spraying drum, the powder spraying tower, scrape heat exchanger, melting container and granulator, are adapted to the respective operation location.

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Pulversprühtrommel PST
Powder spraying drum PST
Pulversprühkammer PSK
Powder spraying chamber PSK