HERRHAMMER filling machines are used for filling and manufacturing tealights, fragranced candles, glass candles and containers made of materials such as plastic, metal, terracotta, etc. but also forms such as melts and tarts with liquid wax.

Filling accuracy plays a large role here. Especially with tealights as well as wax melts and tarts each milligram counts. Therefore our main focus lies on the exact filling amount and excellent repeatability.

Unnecessary costs are caused by product changes. The aim is to reduce cleaning costs and material to a minimum. We achieve this through intelligent color and fragrance dosing as well as systems specifically designed to this purpose.

Automatic quality checks and packaging solutions complement our program. Apart from the high demands for the actual candle machine, we also fulfill all further steps involved in candle manufacturing. We deliver each plant component – from the tealight cup press to packaging the finished candle.

 Our filling lines for tealights, fragranced candles and glass candles consist, like for every other candle type, of modular elements and can thus be configured for different requirements regarding the product, production volume as well as the desired degree of automation. Expendable systems are possible, as is the expansion of existing lines. For example, you can start with an automated wicking and filling line and later add automated packaging.

Abfüllanlage GAA-2000
Filling plant GAA-2000
Gläser, Schalen, Becher
Glasses, jars, cups