The candle dipping machine ATA is used for producing taper, twin, and birthday candles of antique-design . The candles can be made both white and solid-colored.

The machine is fully automatic, and the candle sizes and candle formats are defined in the program memory. Wicks strung on frames are repeatedly dipped into wax and then cooled by water and air. The candle diameter increases with each cycle. Once the desired candle diameter is reached the candle bases are automatically melted free and the frame is placed on a transport trolley TW.

  • Candle sizes:
    Ø 6 to 50 mm (depending on the wick winding frame)
    up to 500 / 650 mm length
  • Capacity: up to 4,000 candles per hour (at Ø 10mm)


  • Wick winding machine WA for automatic stringing of the frames
  • Color-dipping machine KTA for coloring the candles
  • Transport trolley TW for easier handling of the frames
Dipping machine for antique finished candles
getunkte Kerzen
Antique finished candles