Pillar candles and rustic candles

Apart from the classic pillars for the Advent wreath we have many lines for manufacturing any type of pillar candles and rustic candles. We naturally also have the fitting plant concept for each requirement in this field.

Use our machines to produce pillar candles in any size and any design. Special lengths are possible as well. Wax in the form of powder, beads, or plates can be used as raw material here, for example.

Stamp presses and extruder presses play a large role here as do filling and later ejecting. A wick can be pressed-in directly or you mill and wick after the actual production process. We have a machine for each production step. Whether for individual production steps or complete lines which cover the entire process from wax processing to packaging of the finished pillar candle or rustic candle. Each solution is tailored to the respective customer requirements. Different expansion levels are also possible here, for example, by starting with a press first and later retrofitting automated packaging.

Melting pot, spraying drums and spraying towers are used for wax processing. Different conveyors move the respective wax from A to B. Pressing and filling lines represent the production process. Depending on the manufacturing process, color dipping, cooling down, milling, drilling, wicking are required to finish the respective product. Labeling and packaging are usually the last steps.

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