As global leaders for candle machines our know-how covers all necessary and known production procedures for the manufacturing of candles. We also deliver every process around the candle. From material processing, candle manufacturing and candle packaging – we have already implemented every step. Regardless of whether it is wax melting, wax powder, wicking, candle pressing, candle molding, candle filling, candle dipping or further processing.

Every candle type –- whether pillar candles & rustic candles, tealights & grave lights, fragranced candles, household candles, taper candles & birthday candles, wax melts & wax tarts, votives & mini pillar candles, ball candles, egg candles and floating candles can be fully covered with our plants.

From pressing to cutting-edge robot technology – everything is used to manufacture candles efficiently. Therefore candle manufacturing combines a large portion of machine and plant technology. Robust mechanical and hydraulic elements, electrical drives, modern servo technology and robot technology make us a system partner in all fields of candle manufacturing.