Wax melts, wax tarts

Already popular in other countries, the demand in Germany is increasing as well. Wax melts and wax tarts are fragranced wax tarts and have become increasingly popular. Within a short period of time they subtly spread fragrances in an entire room and can be produced with diverse fragrances. The mass of wax is heated and the contained fragrance is released and dissipated to the surrounding air. The wax is not burned up. Only the fragrance intensity decreases. The wax mass is pressed out after cooling down and a new melt or tart is melted in the warming stand.

Initially, cutting-edge Herrhammer powder presses and automatic powder presses with hydraulic or electrical drive pressed the fragranced wax powder into form and ensure smooth and precise operation in the production. Since the product change and especially the wax processing is easier, the melts these days are filled in any desired form. Modern fragrance dosing and color dosing and specifically designed plant components allow rapid product changes with especially little cleaning required. Similarly to tealights, the filling amount has to be adhered to even more accurately than for other candle types. Furthermore the packaging also plays a very large role and takes place in a wide variety of forms. “Green” packages are also favored more and more here.