Candle types

We have seen every type of candle!

Irrespective of the candle type, we provide every process needed to manufacture all kinds of candle types.  Whether pillar candles, tealights, cemetery candles, glass cups, box candles or other containers, household candles or taper candles, votives or mini pillar candles up to melt or tart candles. Irrespective of the quantities you want to manufacture – we have solutions to manufacture your candles in the most economical manner. 

Thanks to our decades of experience we have delivered plants worldwide to manufacture any imaginable candle type possible. Numerous systems for special candles such as egg-shaped and ball candles, floating candles, hour burners, birthday candles, special fragranced candles or even wax crayons were realized.

Each candle type requires its very own manufacturing process. This includes technologies such as extruder presses, stamp presses and rotation presses, filling, molding, drawing and dipping. Apart from candle manufacturing, there are more steps to processing or finishing, such as color dipping, wicking and, last but not least, packaging the candles. Numerous accessories complement our program. 

We deliver the entire process chain from wax preparation to packaging the produced candle to reproduce every candle type.

Depending on the candle type, size of your company and individual circumstances we offer manual, partially-automated and fully-automated solutions. For example, wicking a glass is a very tedious labor-intensive job. With a wicking machine we can eliminate this work and you can keep concentrating on “filling by hand”. 

We would be delighted to advise you under consideration of your individual requirements.