Votives, mini pillar candles

Votives have a religious origin and are also called votive candles, devotion lights or prayer lights. They are placed in churches as a visible sign. The name votives essentially means offering. Obviously these days there are different versions of “devotion lights”.

Nowadays votives are often a lifestyle product, either molded in-color or fragranced scent or pressed and then as a rule dipped. They are relatively small, have a burning time of approximately 15 hours and are therefore often offered in “sampler” or “variety packs”.

Mini pillar candles on the other hand usually do not have a fragrance. They are ideally suited for Advent wreaths, decoration and festivities. As a rule they have a height of 5 cm with a diameter of approximately 3-4 cm. The burning time amounts to approximately 10 to 20 hours

Both votives as well as mini pillar candles have their own special production requirements. Irrespective of the respective design we offer all candle production procedures and processes to manufacture your candle in the most cost-effective way and in the desired quality. Filled, molded, pressed and then dipped. Wax melting or wax processing up to candle packaging.