Molding machines for candle manufacturing are used for the production of household candles, taper candles, fluted candles, spiral candles, votives and pillar candles.

Apart from paraffin wax you can also process stearic acid compounds on the candle machines. Molding machines are especially suitable for producing solid-colored candles as well as for processing fragrances to fragranced candles.

Table molding machines are available in different sizes with up to 600 mold forms and a candle production output of up to 1,000 candles per hour. A special preheating and cooling system guarantees high candle quality.

Rotary molding machines are available in three sizes with up to 3,195 mold forms and an output of up to 8,500 candles per hour. Candles of the highest quality are produced by preheating and cooling; even for products made of 100 % stearic acid.

Rundlaufgießmaschine RGM
Rotary molding machine RGM
gegossene Kerzen
Moulded candles