Color dipping

Color dipping and coating

HERRHAMMER color dipping machines are used to coat candles with an outside coating. This can take place by dipping the raw candle once or repeatedly. Herrhammer offers both hydraulically as well as electromotive and servomotor driven dipping machines.

As a rule the color dipping plants are integrated in a complete system for candle production and integrated downstream of a stamp press, extruder press or drawing machine. Stand-alone solutions for candle manufacturing are available as well.

Coating machines are either integrated into the color dipping machine or are used as individual plants to apply a coating on the candle surface. Cooling fans and extraction devices ensure rapid drying. Explosion protection for paints with solvents is available for our candle machine on request.

Farbtauchmaschine FTMA
Colour dipping machine FTMA
Farbgetauchte Kerzen
Colour dipped candle