Color dipping machine Servo FTMA

For colorful overdipping of candles in the candle production plant

Driven by servo-electric motors with intelligent controlling

Storing of production data via touch panel This machine can be configured individually with dipping tank, water tank and drop melting.

  • Output:
    Up to 12,000 candles/hour, depending on the diameter, form and length of the candles
    For candles up to Ø 150 mm and 600 mm long


  • Multiple wick processing (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 wicks per candle)
  • Coating unit
  • Flying color change
  • Special effects for surfaces
  • Color dipping tank (heated directly or indirectly)
Colour dipping machine FTMA
Colour dipping machine FTMA
Colour dipped candles
Colour dipped candles