Rotary molding machine RGM

As far as high capacity molding machines are concerned, we offer the following three models:

Rotary molding machine RGM-1510 with 648 molds
-> capacity up to 1,600 candles per hour

Rotary molding machine RGM-1540 with 2,100 molds
-> capacity up to 5,300 candles per hour

Rotary molding machine RGM-1550 with 3,195 molds
-> capacity up to 8,500 candles per hour

The ingenious pre-heating and cooling system stands for high quality at a high capacity, even when processing stearin

Since there are several different materials available for the molds, the molds can be adapted to the corresponding candle raw material.


  • Fully automatic withdrawing magazine
  • Candle cutting saw
  • Candle base melting machine
  • Color dipping machine
  • Various packing systems for putting the candles into trays, collapsible boxes or foil
Rotary molding machine RGM
Rotary molding machine RGM
molded candles
molded candles