Production machine for tealight cups made of aluminum

The displayed machine is suitable for the production of tealight cups in large quantities. Aluminum foil is transported from a roll into the machine and processed into cups by punching and deep drawing.

Aluminum tealight tumblers or tealight cups are manufactured in fractions of a second. Then they have to be sorted and oriented correctly so that they can be processed further by the plant into the correct position.

Our filling lines can reach an output of up to 150,000 produced tealights per hour. Apart from the output, the aluminum tealight cups in particular are very thin and can be easily deformed. Our high performance sorters are built exactly for this purpose.

If the cups are manufactured directly at the production line for tealights, costs for their transport and storage can be saved.

  • Capacity: Up to 80,000 tealight cups made of aluminum/hour per press


  • Waste shredders and waste presses for the remainders of the aluminum foil
  • Storage, transport or sorting systems for automatic further processing of the aluminum cups on candle machines
  • Air transport of tealights by means of blower systems
  • Optical systems for error detection
Tealight cup press MVP
Tealight cup press MVP
Tealight cups
Tealight cups