Sorting machine HHS and GHS for tealight cups and plastic containers

Herrhammer developed the HHS machine specifically for correctly-positioned sorting of tealight cups in large numbers. Whether manufactured on-site or delivered by the supplier. Before the plant can process the tealight cups or different cups, they have to brought into the correct position.

The strength of the GHS cup sorter lies in the wide range of applications. Depending on how the plant is equipped, both small tealight cups as well as larger cups can be sorted. The output of the GHS depends on the sorted material.

  • Capacity HHS:
    Up to 100,000 tealight cups/hour
  • Capacity GHS:
    Up to 25,000 tealight cups/hour
    Up to 12,000 devotion lights/hour
    Up to 4,000 cemetery light cups/hour

Not only the output is decisive, but also damage-free alignment. Our sorters are built exactly for this purpose.

Cup sorter HHS-700
Cup sorter HHS-700
Cup sorter GHS
Cup sorter GHS