Candle drawing machines KHZA used for producing household candles

The non-stop operating candle drawing machines can produce candle strands made of paraffin compositions.

The non-stop operating drawing machine draws an endless wick cord in circuits, always alternating through a liquid paraffin curtain, a shape bore, and in conclusion through a water vat for cooling. A candle strand is created circuit by circuit with a growing diameter.

Upon completion, the strand is cut to the desired length and transported to the milling machine for head and base milling.

  • Candle diameter: 12 to 30 mm
  • Capacity: up to 12,000 candles per hour


  • Air cooling for paraffin compositions that are difficult to process, beeswax, and also high demands on the surface quality
  • Color-overdipping machine
  • Packaging machine and packaging robot
  • Double-strand processing
Drawing plant
Drawing plant