Glass candles and other containers

One of our many core competencies around candle manufacturing is the fully-automated wicking of different containers for a wide range of container candles.

The machine pulls the previously waxed wick from a roll, cuts it to the correct length, pushes it into the wick sustainer and crimps both with each other. After that the wicking sustaining plate is coated with glue and inserted in the container. This process takes place in fractions of a second, so that depending on the container size and wick configuration. several thousand containers can be wicked per hour.

There are a wide range of wick and wick sustaining plate pairs and glues of which nearly all can be processed by our machines. Customer-specific parts are nevertheless processed in bulk to make their production as effective as possible.

Often our wicking machines are part of a large filling line for glass candles or fragranced candles. More and more frequently, however, they are purchased individually to first automate the labor-intensive wicking process. Later when the quantities increase, the machine can be expanded to an entire line to combine it with an automated filling line, for example.

Tealight, cemetery light, glass candles, fragranced candles or other container candles, we do more than putting the wick into a container. Irrespective of whether an individual wick or multiple wicks are required, we have the wicking machine which is perfectly suitable for each case. Talk to us, we would be delighted to advise you.

Capacity: up to 7,000 pieces / hour due to new servo technique
Ø:  up to 110 mm


Wick inserting machine for small to medium outputs. Very flexible since no format parts are necessary.
Capacity: up to 2,200 pieces / hour
Ø: up to 110 mm


Our solution when it comes to using various wick types at the same time (e.g. when processing coloured or scented wax). During the production process the operator can choose from three wicks.


DEM mit Carrier-System
New carrier system when using conical containers.


DEM mit Zweiachs-Robotik
Special solution:
Insertion of wicks by means of biaxial robotism.
The containers are placed below the insertion ram.
It is possible to insert up to five wicks in one container.