Glasses and containers

Capacity: up to 7,000 pieces / hour due to new servo technique
Ø:  up to 110 mm
Wick inserting machine for small to medium outputs. Very flexible since no format parts are necessary.
Capacity: up to 2,200 pieces / hour
Ø: up to 110 mm
Our solution when it comes to using various wick types at the same time (e.g. when processing coloured or scented wax). During the production process the operator can choose from three wicks.
DEM mit Carrier-System
New carrier system when using conical containers.
DEM mit Zweiachs-Robotik
Special solution:
Insertion of wicks by means of biaxial robotism.
The containers are placed below the insertion ram.
It is possible to insert up to five wicks in one container.