Votives (pressed/molded)

HERRHAMMER wick inserting plants for votives (short EM-V) are suitable for vertical wicking of cylindrical or tapered lights with wick hole.

A continuous conveyor belt conveys the pressed and molded votives loosely or in transport boxes / containers into the wick insert machine. A wicking wheel with an optional centering belts clocks the individual votives to the wicking station so that they can be wicked centrically exact and carefully.

In parallel the wick sustainers are transported from a storage vessel via an automated sorting and conveyor system to the preplaced votive. Simultaneously waxed wick is reeled off wick drums and threaded through wick sustainers and light. Using a hammer the wick sustainers and wick are crimped tension-proofed and inserted into the light during the next cycle.

The wicked votive is transferred to the continuous conveyor belt and ejected.

Using a color touch screen with an intuitive user interface, intelligent sensor technology and cutting-edge servo technology, Herrhammer wick inserting machines offer maximum operator friendliness and maximum flexibility. Automatic fault correction reduces required operator invention to a minimum.

Technical data:

  • Capacity:

Up to 6,000 votives/hour (for up to Ø 60 mm)

  • Special feature: EM-V-XY

    A servo driven gripper system is used to wick votives with multiple wicks. This allows for any positioning of the votives to insert multiple wicks in one votive. The wicking wheel is not required here.

Wick inserting machine EM-V
Wick inserting machine EM-V
Wick inserting machine EM-V
Wick inserting machine EM-V