Tealights (pressed)

HERRHAMMER wick insert and shell inserting machines (short EHM) are used to wick powder pressed tea or maxi lights and insert them into cups made of aluminum or plastic.

As a rule a multitude of wick insert and shell inserting machines is integrated in a tealight production line. Here, for example, a rotary press produces the powder-pressed lights which are transported to the corresponding EHM using a conveyor belt. A sensor-monitored gravitation chute places the lights at the integrated wicking station.

In parallel the wick sustainers are transported from a storage vessel via an automated sorting and conveyor system to the preplaced light. Simultaneously waxed wick is reeled off wick drums and threaded through wick sustainers and light. Using a hammer or tongs the wick sustainers and wick are crimped tension-proofed and inserted into the light during the next cycle.

Tealight containers made of aluminum or plastic are moved via a large storage vessel into a shell sorter and transported to the respective EHM using a conveyor belt system. An intelligent inlet rail is used to feed the tealight cups clocked to the inserting station.

The wicked light is now inserted in the tealight container and removed via a conveyor belt.

Product-specific tools which can be quickly changed as well as a recipe memory in the user interface enable quick and easy product changes.

Using a color touchscreen with an intuitive user interface, intelligent sensor technology and cutting-edge servo technology, Herrhammer wick insert and shell inserting machines offer maximum operator friendliness and maximum flexibility. Automatic fault correction reduces required operator invention to a minimum and automatically sorts out defective products.

Technical data:

  • Capacity:
    Up to 11,000 tealight cups/hour (for up to Ø 40 mm)
    Up to 8,500 maxi tealight cups/hour (for up to Ø 60 mm)
  • Storage vessels for wick sustainers:

Up to 30,000 wick sustainers (up to approximately 3 hours runtime)

Wicking and cupping machine EHM
Wicking and cupping machine EHM
Pressed tealights
Pressed tealights