De-moulding station for pillar candle molds (aluminium / plastic) HEST

This unit with a multiple gripper system and pneumatic / mechanic pressure station automatically removes pillar candles from their two-fold molds and puts the blank candles on a prism belt.

After the de-moulding process, the empty molds are automatically put back upon their bottom part.

Number of simultaneously processed molds / candles:

  • 5-fold / HEST-05
  • 8-fold / HEST-08

HEST-05: up to 1,000 pieces / hour
HEST-08: up to 2,000 pieces / hour


  • Transport system
  • Connection with HFBB processing center
De-moulding station HEST-05
De-moulding station HEST-05
Mold and blank candle
Mold and blank candle