Milling machine for pillars

For the simultaneous milling of the head and base of pillar candles. The cut candle blanks are put on a chain transport system by hand or automaected machine. This system transports the blanks into the milling station

The transport is carried out in cycles; after every transport a blank is put out of the chain and clamped between prisms. After that, the head and the base are milled at the same time.

The machine is completely motor controlled. The candle length can be adjusted continuously.

Number of miller pairs for simultaneous milling of head and base:

  • 1-fold
  • 2-fold
  • 4-fold

Candle sizes: Ø 35 – 100 mm /80 – 1,200 mm length (longer dimensions upon request)
Capacity: 500 – 3,000 candles per hour

Milling machine STFM for pillars
Milling machine STFM for pillars
milled pillars
milled pillars