Flexible semi-automatic filling machine GA for filling glass, tin, terracotta, and plastic containers

The filling machine GA is a low-cost, semi-automatic machine for filling glasses and containers with wax. Because of the especially high flexibility of these machines, many types of products and small batch sizes can be produced.

In contrast to the TGA and GAA models, the GA – 10 filling machine features a wax filler that moves automatically over imobile tables. The products to be filled are rowed up on the tables. The machine stops briefly over each row during the filling process. After the end of the filling process, the tables with the products for the cooling process are exchanged for others. The system is soon ready for production again.

  • Capacity: up to 2,000 candles per hour (depending on candle fill volume)

An ideal solution we offer when it comes to quick automatic colour changes is the newly developped filling machine GA-8/12. It is moveable just as the GA-10; however, it features three filling stations which are placed one behind the other as well as three storage tanks on top.

  • Capacity: up to 2,000 candles per hour (depending on the candle fill volume)


  • Individual aluminium or polycarbonate molds for the production of pillar candles
  • Tables
  • Laser pointers for an easier positioning of the containers on the table
Filling plant GA-8/12
Filling plant GA-8/12
rustic pillars
rustic pillars