Fully-automated filling machines and filling lines TGA for the production of tealights

The TGA is a production line designed for filling tealights. It can also be supplied as an over pouring system for pressed tealights. The core of the system is a stable stainless steel link chain belt for cooling and product transport. The tealight cups to be filled are automatically wicked with the proven wick inserting machine EHM-L, lined up on the belt system and supplied in rows to the different wax filling stations.

Whether aluminum, plastic or even glass, the material of the tealight shell or tealight cup does not play a role for us. All wax types, colors and fragrances can also be used. Meaning that different colors can even be produced simultaneously on one line.

The highest filling accuracy is required in particular with tealights – because with up to 150,000 tealights per hour every milligram counts. With our unique filling accuracy we ensure precise dosing. Thus no material is wasted and only as much is filled as is required by the quality.

In addition to wicking and filling or over pouring the tealight, we also offer entire packaging lines. As the inventor of the classic IKEA packaging format, we can fulfill all wishes from shrinkage film to “green” carton packaging.

  • Candle sizes: up to Ø 44 mm / up to 25 mm length
  • Capacity: 10,000 – 100,000 tealights / hour


  • – Processing of plastic cups
  • – Processing of square cups
  • – Packaging in blocks / stacking units with shrinkage film
  • – Packing in carton trays
  • – Fully-automated quality control units / vision system
  • – Belt cleaning
Tealight pouring plant TGA-75000
Tealight pouring plant TGA-75000
poured tealights
poured tealights