Fully automatic filling machine TGA for producing tealights

The TGA is a production line designed for filling tealights. It can also be delivered as an over pouring machine for pressed tealights. The core of the system is a stable, stainless steel chain belt for cooling and product transport. The tealight cups to be filled are automatically wicked by means of the proven wick inserting machine EHM-L, placed in rows onto the conveyor, and fed row-by-row to the wax filling stations.

  • Candle sizes: up to Ø 44 mm / up to 25 mm length
  • Capacity: 10,000 – 100,000 tealights / hour


  • – processing of plastic cups
  • – processing of square cups
  • – block packaging / stapling units with shrinking foil
  • – packing in trays
  • – quality control devices / vision systems
  • – belt cleaning systems
Tealight pouring plant TGA-75000
Tealight pouring plant TGA-75000
poured tealights
poured tealights