Fully automatic filling machine GAA for filling glass, tin, terracotta, and plastic containers

The core of the system is a stable, stainless steel chain belt for cooling and product transport. The containers to be filled are placed onto the conveyor automatically or manually and fed row-by-row to the wax filling stations and thermal processing stations.

  • Capacity at 4 oz. fill volume:
    up to 10,000 containers per hour (GAA – 2000)
    up to 4,000 containers per hour (GAA – 1000)
    up to 1,000 containers per hour (GAA – 500)


  • Manual feeding station or fully automatic feeding of the containers onto the conveying system
  • Wick inserting machines DEM / DEM-L (optional with wax core for shortening the cooling time) for the containers to be filled
  • Glass warming station for quality optimization
  • Fillers for simultaneous production with various colors
  • Cooling tunnel and cooling ventilator
  • Refilling stations
  • Surface smoothing station
  • Labeling machines
  • Buffer belts
  • Packaging machines (tray, carton, foil)
Filling plant GAA-1000
Filling plant GAA-1000
Glasses, pots
Glasses, pots