Fully-automated filling machines and filling lines for pillar candles, rustic candles, cemetery candles, fragranced candles, glass candles or wax melts & tarts; filling into forms and containers made of aluminum, polycarbonate, glass, terracotta, etc.

Depending on the expansion level and concept, this plant is designed for fully-automated filling and manufacturing of different products. Pillar candles or votives are automatically filled and cooled in individual forms of aluminum or plastic. Subsequently the molded blanks are removed from the forms, milled at both ends, provided with a drilling hole, wicked, labeled and packaged.

In the case of fragranced candles and glass candles, on the other hand, the containers are first wicked fully-automatically. Single wicks and multiple wicks are possible here. Just for filling we offer numerous options – depending on the customer requirements. Filling accuracies play as large a role here as do the work required for product changes and wide variety. After being filled, the product cools down. To compensate shrinkage tapers you can now – depending on the wax type – level the surface or fill it for a second time.

Although wicking is omitted for wax melts & tarts, the dosing accuracy as well as the fragrance and the color in particular play a large role here.

All example products can be labelled and packaged fully automatically after manufacturing. Printed labels, film packaging or carton packaging. Individually or in collective package. Our specialists already have the solution for packaging your candle.

  • Capacity at 4 oz. fill volume:
    up to 10,000 containers per hour (GAA – 2000)
    up to 4,000 containers per hour (GAA – 1000)
    up to 1,000 containers per hour (GAA – 500)

Options are for example:

  • Manual placement station or fully-automated supply of the containers on the conveyor system
  • Wicking machines DEM /DEM-L (optionally with wax core to reduce the cooling time) for the containers to be filled
  • Preheating station for glasses for quality optimization
  • Fillers for simultaneous production with different colors
  • Heat tunnel and cooling fan
  • Refilling stations
  • Surface leveling heater
  • Labeling machines
  • Buffer conveyors
  • Packaging machines (tray, carton, film)
Filling plant GAA-1000
Filling plant GAA-1000
Glasses, pots
Glasses, pots